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Dec 18, 2012 11:30pm PST
circumstances. a 19-year-old antonio edwards also of oakland is charged with being an accessory. police say 15-year-old raquel gristol and bobby fontane were sitting with powell and edwards when they were gunned down. more than 30 rounds were fired. >>> the piedmont police department announced the new chief while san jose loses yet another high ranking officer. the department appointed rikki goede as chief. before moveing to the bay area she worked for ten years in san diego. goede was selected from a list of 51 candidates. >>> and coming up i'll pinpoint how cold it'll be in your city. >> a no drone zone. >>> more >>> continuing coverage now of that school massacre in newtown. more of the tiny victims were buried today. this as we're learning about a man who helped six children he found in his yard after the shooting. jennifer davis is in newtown and tells us what happened after all those kids left is heartbreaking. >> reporter: hi there frank. yeah it's just every story gets even sadder than the last one quite honestly. you know this is a day when school buses and hursts were
Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
. obviously to rob the place. the manager, edward turner decided not on my watch. he reaches over and takes the gun. >> whoa! . >> that was a ninja move, man. >> well that was awesome. and the set-up of the store is to his advantage. because they only had that small little area to stick their hands in. >> and with a quick move like that he was able to steal the gun and still be kind of separated from these guys. >> and that was really brave. the gun was pointed at him. once he reached, the trigger could have pulled and shot him. fortunately nobody was injured. they got away with no money. kshb talked to the manager after the last robbery and this is what he said. >> while we are alive we're painting a picture of what we want tomorrow to look like. and that's what i want tomorrow to look like. >> even if they say that's not what you're supposed to do, you go the to respect what he does. >> and you always say on the show, i wish the robber's mother recognizes him and turns him in. that's what exactly happened in this case because one of the guy's mom recognized him. >> even though there
Dec 7, 2012 11:30pm PST
dead this morning in london. she was found dead near king edward vii hospital. police are calling the death unexplained. two disk jockeys called and asked to be put through to the ward. >> she was recently the victim of a hoax call. the hospital had been supporting her. >> the station and the disk jockeys are facing a back lash. their website and facebook pages are filled with angry comments. the royal family offered thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. >>> wireless carriers agreed to relay texts to 911. they signed on to provide the service by may of 2014. only a handful of call centers are able to receive texts. >>> if there has been progress towards avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff it is going on behind the scenes. speaker of the house john boehner is waiting to hear a counter offer from president obama since the republican plan was delivered on monday. >> reports indicate the president adopted a strategy to slow walk our economy to the edge othe fiscal cliff. -- edge of the fiscal cliff. >> vice president joe biden said a deal could be done in 15 minutes. he made the
Dec 8, 2012 11:30pm PST
the focus. >> reporter: at king edward hospital, jacintha saldanha put the call through. the nurse was apparently struggling to deal with her involvement. flowers have been left outside of the hospital accommodation where her body was found. >> i will miss her a lot. she was a good-natured sister- in-law. she was so. she was beautiful and she and her husband were great together. >> reporter: commercial radio here in australia constantly pushes the boundaries of taste and decency in the battle for ratings. 2 day fm has been racked over the knuckles by the media watchdog here, but known has ever had such tragic consequences. today's their boss says the tragedy could not having foreseen. jonathan samuels, sydney. >> there are reports that the leader of an egyptian terrorist cell is under arrest as the possible suspect in the deadly attack on the american consulate in 2011. four americans were killed in that attack including ambassador chris stevens. unnamed sources say ahmed was detained two weeks ago in egypt. both say ahmed admitted to traveling to libya and assisting ansar al sharei a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4